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In order to see most clearly into what is true and real, we must push into the widest range of the possible.  And then we experience the following: everything that is an object for us, even though it be the greatest, is always within another, is not yet all.  Wherever we arrive, the horizon which includes the attained itself goes further and forces us to give up any final rest.   -Karl Jaspers









I exaggerate shadow and light to create dramatic facial design.  The light surfaces take on shapes of their own to reveal form emerging out of darkness. 

I started drawing when I was three.  I would spend hours going through piles of storybooks and admiring the illustrations, pretending I was a part of each scene.  This led me to draw my own pictures. Earned a BA in English Lit. and Fine Art at Lewis & Clark College. Worked in Scotland then taught English in Vietnam.  I live in San Francisco.

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